Twitter rallies behind Harlie Bryant to beat brain tumor

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In 2011, while doctors were giving Harlie Bryant a routine eye exam before she was to start kindergarten, they discovered a brain tumor. Harlie has spent much of her life since in hospitals, undergoing surgeries and months of chemotherapy. Sunday, the little girl from Beaver Dam, Ky., went for another round of brain surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, supported by another round of prayers from friends and strangers alike.

Surgery began Monday morning and continued through the day.!/HopeForHarlie/status/364406408176865281!/HopeForHarlie/status/364468502318829568!/KelseyLuttrell/status/364493490673025024!/MaryTierney7/status/364199030529609728!/cory_crowe/status/364541369647661056!/NickysFriend/status/364531425967886336

Dear Lord,
I come to you today to lift @HopeForHarlie, the doctors, & her family up in prayer. For anything is possible with you. 💗💜
Amen— Mallory Puckett (@Mallory_Leann21) August 05, 2013!/flashmystic270/status/364533018222141441!/itsmegannicole_/status/364456611336966144

Good news:!/HopeForHarlie/status/364550646659174400

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