Twitter users give Adam Scott’s awkward Masters high five two thumbs down

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Adam Scott: “Okay now don’t miss this high-five!” @golf_college…

— WPU Women’s Golf (@WPUWomensGolf) April 14, 2013

It was one for the ages. And cringes. Tiger Woods’s former caddy, Steve Williams, tried to connect with Adam Scott, who heads to the Masters tournament playoffs against Argentina’s Angel Cabrera.

Adam Scott’s high five with his caddy after his birdie on the 18th may have been one of the best ones in sports history #themasters #pga2013

— Matthew (@matthewcluther) April 14, 2013

After that awkward high five I really hope Adam Scott and Steve Williams get another chance! #Masters

— Derek Gossler(@DerekGossler) April 14, 2013

“@graham_5: Was I the only one that noticed Adam Scott’s high five was pretty girly?” First thing I said when I saw it haha

— Drew Greenway (@drewgreenway10) April 14, 2013

Ask and ye shall receive.

Been waiting for someone to GIF this RT @bleacherreport: Adam Scott & Steve Williams high five on 18. GIF:

— Mike Venables (@MikeVena) April 14, 2013

aka white-people.gif RT @sbnation: Adam Scott and Steve Williams with a Masters high-five for the ages:

— Samit Sarkar (@SamitSarkar) April 14, 2013

Low standard:

Adam Scott is way better at high five’ing Stevie Williams than Tiger was. #masters

— Andy McCann (@andymccann6) April 14, 2013

Adam Scott and Steve just had a better high five than Steve and Tiger ever had in their time together.

— Jason Tieman (@jasontieman) April 14, 2013


At least Adam Scott and Steve Williams connected on their high five…unlike Tigger #Masters…

— John Kalivas (@theKlev21) April 14, 2013

Nice try Adam Scott, but @tigerwoods definetly has the most awkward high five with Steve Williams.#Masters

— Travis Milton (@travism28) April 14, 2013



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