Twitter wonders who’s #NextOnRihannasSmashList, creative answers abounding

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Every now and Twitter finds itself with a really good trending topic. It asks a question that forces us to search deep down inside ourselves, to the inner core of our very beings, and we may be surprised or enlightened with the answer we come up with. One of the trending topics today did this very thing, and it’s a question we want you all to ponder…

Who’s next on Rihanna’s smash list?

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist the Tupac Hologram

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist the Black Dude from The allstate Commercial >> Your in good hands wit allstate 🙂

— Summa Her Favorite;) (@jay_summa) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashList There is nobody left

— Danny DaNegro (@Dajeliphano) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist The Black Everist College guy

— Dr. Trill (@AwwHELLToTheNaw) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist The team that wins The NBA Finals!

— Wonka!! (@Wonka114) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist Justin Bieber

— Mukesh Khichar (@HeyImMukesh_) May 29, 2012

#NextOnRihannasSmashlist Tim Tebow

— IG:silkkthashocker (@bitchimBREEZEho) May 29, 2012

If this isn’t enlightenment, we don’t know what is.

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