When You See This, You’ll Want To Find The Man Who Did It. Guess What? Got Him.

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WARNING: The abuse that this puppy was put through is extremely disturbing. A female pit bull was found abandoned in such a state, her rescuers didn’t know how she was alive. She had been tortured to the point of near death, with injuries so twisted it’s hard to imagine how she survived. For two months, police searched for the monster that literally tore her apart.

And they found him.

This is Radoslaw Czerkawski. He is responsible for the cruel and unusual torture that the abandoned pit bull puppy was subjected to… for NO reason. He faces 11 counts of animal cruelty, each with a 5 year sentence in jail.

The Polish man has been the subject of a police investigation ever since this gentle pit bull puppy was found tortured and nearly starved to death. He was finally found in a local La Quinta hotel.

She was subjected to torture most people couldn’t even imagine. She was stabbed in the eye, her limbs pulled apart at the bone and her tongue was cut in half to resemble a serpent.

She was dumped, but luckily was found by a passer by. The only way to describe her torture is “medieval.”

This x-ray shows that her limbs were REPEATEDLY pulled apart, snapping tendons and cartilage.

Vets needed to put the tortured dog down, her injuries were so bad. She is finally at peace, after surviving the most disgusting torture most people have ever seen. Now, the sadistic man responsible for her pain and death is being put on trial.

If convicted, hopefully he will be put away for a long time. For what he did to this poor puppy, he deserves more than a lifetime in jail.


Read more: http://viralnova.com/tortured-dog-suspect/

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